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The Weiss Ultimate Portfolio — our flagship service — is the pot of gold at the end of a long journey.

My father, Irving Weiss, first began developing its basic formulas and principles nearly a century ago.

With his early insights, he totally avoided the stock market in 1929, and told his clients to do the same. So when the crash struck later that year and nearly everyone else lost their shirts, they didn’t lose a penny.

Then, in April 1930, after the market had enjoyed a big rally, my father didn’t just abstain …

He borrowed $500 from his mother and used it to short the stocks that, by his careful analysis, were most vulnerable. Then he reinvested those profits in still-larger positions. By the time the market hit bottom, he had close to $100,000!

He promptly lost a lot of that money. But it was a great learning experience.

And so was his early interest in medicine … opening his eyes to the principle of strong balance.

You see, to be healthy, a company — like the human body — needs strength in all of its functions.

For example, if a man has a bad liver, even the strongest heart and the healthiest lungs cannot overcome that weakness.

Likewise, if a company had sick profit margins, even the best sales in the world couldn’t keep it out of trouble.

My father’s success led some of the most famous investors — like Montgomery Ward president Sewell Avery and Joe Kennedy (the father of JFK) — to seek his advice.

As soon as I was old enough to understand, my father began showing me how to measure companies and rank them.

In the beginning, we had to do the work manually. So, we could only analyze a handful of companies every quarter.

My dream was to develop systems that could help us accurately review many thousands of companies daily … and then create a fabulous and powerful portfolio around it.

Nothing like that had ever been done before.

So before Dad passed away, he and I collaborated with Tony Sagami on a unique project.

We transferred some of the knowledge inside his brain to a program inside the Weiss Ratings computers. I’m talking about …

(1) His uncanny ability to recognize the beginning and end of major bear markets

(2) His analytical skills to avoid unsafe companies, pick out the relatively safe stocks and then select those with the best, most-reliable profit potential …

(3) His principle of strong balance, which required complex computer algorithms far beyond what most stock research organizations do. Plus …

(4) A company’s individual merit and absolute independence … which removed any bias from our analyses.

The computer models we built issue extremely accurate ratings, and since 2003 we’ve been validating their accuracy in real time.

Now, we’ve taken the final step …

Rank the top-rated U.S. stocks by our proprietary performance index and create a portfolio from the top one-tenth of one percent (0.1%).

The success of the strategy behind the Weiss Ultimate Portfolio is stunning:

• A 722% total return since 2007, averaging 67.2% per year …

• Nearly five times the gains of Berkshire Hathaway …

• Covering a period that includes the worst bear market and greatest recession of our lifetime!

To my knowledge, no other investment trading service or organization identifies and tracks the safest, highest quality, highest performing investments in the world like we do.

We’ve cracked the code.

Among all the strongest industries, asset classes, funds and companies, we identify the tiny handful that sit at the ultimate peak of quality.

In fact, I personally oversee its implementation and am investing in it myself — with my own money.

But I have a very strict rule:

I never buy or sell the investments we recommend until I have given members the opportunity to do so first.

I hope you’ll join me on what I see as the greatest investing adventure of our lives.

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