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Weiss Technology Portfolio

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And the benefits are enormous:

Benefit #1. World-beating performance: Following the Weiss Ratings strategy, you could have made a total return of 2,397%, including both winners and losers. That’s enough to multiply your money nearly 25 times over. And it’s enough to generate an average return of 159.8%.

Benefit #2. Solid protection in bear markets: This alone can make the difference between a miserable, stressful retirement and truly enjoying the fruits of your labor!

Benefit #3. Dr. Weiss’s personal commitment all the way: He personally designed this strategy based on nearly five decades of real-time experience with the Weiss Ratings, and his father’s 60 years of stock analysis experience before that. Dr. Weiss oversees the implementation of the strategy and is personally investing his own money as well.

Benefit #4. Jon Markman, the man Dr. Weiss has hand-picked to be Editor of Weiss Technology Portfolio. Mr. Markman is the man who managed the development of the world’s first online stock selection system, under Microsoft, when Bill Gates was running the company. And today, his documented, real-time track record is unbeatable.

Benefit #5. This strategy is suitable for your life savings, including IRAs and other retirement accounts: The Weiss Technology Portfolio is not designed for speculative funds or “play money.” It never uses options or futures. It invests strictly in solid, liquid, stocks and some exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Benefit #6. The FREEDOM to enjoy your life: Just a few minutes each week. Simply check your inbox every week for your Market Alert, and it will tell you in easy-to-follow, plain English what to buy or what to sell.

Benefit #7. Huge savings: Normally, one year of Weiss Technology Portfolio is $5,000. But if you join now, you are entitled to our special Future Shock savings.

Benefit #8. No one can guarantee future performance, but here’s our promise to you: After one year with Weiss Technology Portfolio, if we cannot help you beat the performance of the S&P 500 Index by 10 to 1, just let us now via email or phone, and we will give you a second year free! That’s a $5,000 value at ZERO extra cost.