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Undiscov­­ered Cryptos

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Here are the VIP benefits you get as a Member of Undiscovered Cryptos.

VIP Benefit #1. Blow-out profit potential in select undiscovered cryptos: We believe they could create more wealth than Bitcoin has created since inception. Based on our research, gains of 50x or more are possible.

VIP Benefit #2. Big profit multiplier: Step-by-step instructions on how to own them for as much as 80%, 90%, even 99% less than others will pay. That means that, compared to the profit potential other investors may have, you could multiply yours 5x, 10x, or even 100x.

VIP Benefit #3. Even more opportunities in the fast-growing world of Decentralized Finance. Weekly research and trade alerts, plus anytime flash alerts, to help you maximize your gains in the cryptos that are already leading the DeFi revolution.

VIP Benefit #4. Extra bonus — unusually high yields. For the cash equivalents in your crypto portfolio, we will show you how to earn many times more than what you could make in money markets or even high-yield bonds.

VIP Benefit #5. Specialized support ($5,000 value) — FREE. We cannot give you one-on-one advice. But our team of trained crypto specialists is here to help you make this a success. Plus, we will give you instant access to short-and-sweet videos with our crypto experts to walk you through the process step by step.

VIP Benefit #6. Our team. Dr. Bruce Ng, the lead editor, is the crypto supersleuth finding the world’s most promising undiscovered cryptos.

Dr. Bruce is literally a rocket scientist in this field, and it’s no coincidence. In addition to his years of crypto experience, his degree is in space physics, and he interned at NASA. He applies the same kind of mathematics and scientific methods to exploring the crypto space as he’d apply to exploring outer space.

Plus, Juan Villaverde is the co-editor, contributing his crypto ratings knowledge and his market timing acumen.

VIP Benefit #7. My personal commitment with real money. After you’ve had ample opportunity to buy with your money, I will invest my own money in each new undiscovered crypto that we recommend. I do that to underscore my confidence in the team, and to share with you the statements of my real-money portfolio — so you can compare it with your own.

VIP Benefit #8. Lock in your savings for as long as you’re a Member. To help make sure you don’t miss out on this big discount, we will automatically renew your membership unless you tell us not to. We will always let you know ahead of time before renewing. And if you wish, you can remove this benefit at any time.

VIP Benefit #9. My promise to you. I cannot guarantee future performance. But after you first year, if you cannot make at least 10 times your money on the undiscovered cryptos Bruce recommends, let us know, and I will pay for you get a second year free. That’s an extra $5,000 value with my compliments.

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