Trading History

12-Month Trading History of Premium Services

We publish various premium services delivered mostly via e-mail, providing investors with research and recommendations for trading stocks, mutual funds, options and commodities. Since we are strictly publishers, we do not have available to us the actual results subscribers achieve by acting on our recommendations. Rather, our tracking is based on the market price of each security following transmission of our trading recommendations, with the following exceptions and disclaimers:

  1. If we recommend a limit price, the trade is not considered executable until the limit is reached.
  2. In the event that we receive copies of confirmation statements from a subscriber on a particular trade, we use that figure instead.
  3. In all cases, the numbers in the table are quoted before commissions and the actual results of each investor may vary due to differences in prices achieved and broker commissions paid.
  4. Naturally, the results of each subscriber may vary considerably depending on a series of factors, including: (a) when you begin or cease investing, (b) which security you choose to act on, (c) how much money you choose to invest in each trade, (d) the specific prices you get, (e) and the broker commissions you pay. Weiss Ratings does not represent that any individual following any of our trading services will achieve similar gains or losses shown.

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