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  • 11 subscriptions to Weiss Ratings’ wealth-building newsletters
  • TEN FULL YEARS — a $9,810 value 
  • Plus much, much more!

Welcome again to THE 2020 ALLIANCE!

This is the unique membership group I personally created to make sure you get every email alert, every monthly newsletter and every rating we publish — NOT just for a single year, but for the NEXT DECADE! The benefits are enormous:

Your benefits are both vast and valuable:

Benefit #1 — You get TEN YEARS of Sean Brodrick’s Wealth Megatrends (value $1,290): Starting in 2020, the megatrends we’ve told you about will begin to dominate the financial markets … and they’ll KEEP doing so for the entire decade. In Wealth Megatrends, you’ll follow along with Sean as he tracks these trillion-dollar opportunities aiming for gains of 100% … 200% … 500% and beyond.

Benefit #2 — You get TEN YEARS of Mike Larson’s Safe Money Report ($1,290 value): Mike gives you opportunities for higher returns with lower risk. That’s right. The relatively conservative, dividend-paying stocks in his model portfolio have outperformed the supposedly “hot stocks” that Wall Street raves about.

In fact, following Mike’s Safe Money forecasts, you could have pocketed fast gains of 144.1% on a crashproof ETF … 354.9% on a stock that profits from real estate declines — not to mention baskets of additional gains like 156% … 176% … 289% … even 553%!

Benefit #3 — You get TEN YEARS of Jon Markman’s The Power Elite ($1,290 value): Jon says “most stocks suck.” Those words may sound harsh. But they’re his actual warning transmitted to millions of investors in recent years. And he’s been right as rain. Because DOMINANT companies in nearly every industry have swallowed up their upstart competitors. Investors who own them could have made several fortunes in the past decade. And they could make several more in the 2020s.

Benefit #4 — You get TEN YEARS of Tony Sagami’s Weiss Crypto Investor ($1,290 value): Based on our Weiss Crypto Ratings, the first and only such ratings in the world, investors following our strategy could have turned $25,000 into $1,025,108 in less than 2½ years, while avoiding the Bitcoin crash. That’s 7.1 times better than Bitcoin, and 149 times better than the Dow in the same period. But cryptos can also be very volatile. So invest only funds you can afford to risk.

Benefit #5 — You get TEN YEARS of Weiss Ratings’ Heat Maps ($1,290 value). Looking to diversify with the best stocks for every investing style? Look no further!

Our Heat Maps give you weekly updated updates on the 6 Best Low-Priced Stocks … the 25 Best Value Stocks … the 25 Best Growth Stocks … the 25 Best High-Income Stocks … the 25 Fastest-Rising Dividend Stocks … the 25 Best Hot-Sector Leaders … the 25 Best International Stocks … the 9 Best Energy Stocks … and the 15 Best Resource & Precious Metals Stocks.

Plus, there’s more …

Benefit #6 — You get TEN YEARS of access to over 50,000 live, always up-to-date Weiss Ratings (value — unlimited): You get our proprietary ratings for stocks, ETFs and mutual funds … banks, credit unions and insurance companies. Using our ratings, you can steer clear of the investments poised to blow up in your face. And you can zero in on those poised to generate top returns with the least risk.

We’ve spent more than $10 million building this powerful dashboard. It’s yours free for 10 years with your membership in THE 2020 ALLIANCE.

The more investments you have, the more banks or insurers you do business with — and the more you use this incredibly timely, accurate resource — the more profitable it could be for you.

Benefit #7 — You get TEN YEARS of premium access to over 1,000 live, updated Weiss Crypto Ratings ($3,360 value). Investors using our Bitcoin ratings could have saved a fortune when it fell … and then could have MADE a fortune when it bottomed. Plus, they could have saved — and made — still more fortunes with our ratings on 100-plus other cryptos. The Weiss Crypto Ratings have been widely acclaimed as objective They’re the first and ONLY such ratings in the world.

The minimum yearly renewal rate is $336, or $3,360 for ten years. But it’s all a part of your membership!

Benefits #8-11 — You get TEN YEARS of every e-letter we publish (value — unlimited): That includes Sean Brodrick’s Wealth Wave … The Weiss Ratings Briefing … Jon Markman’s Pivotal Point … and our Weiss Crypto Alert.

EXTRA Benefit — Your get FULL ACCESS to our Megaprofits Library (value — unlimited). This immediately gives you over 50 profit guides on how to invest more safely and more profitably in everything from stocks and bonds to gold and mining stocks … from ETFs and mutual funds to options … from cryptocurrencies to cannabis stocks. Plus explosive profit opportunities in every leading-edge tech sector — 5G wireless, driverless cars, artificial intelligence and MUCH more. All with clear guidelines not only on how to profit, but also on how to avoid the risks.

That’s 11 subscriptions
and much more!

You will get everything electronically – on our website or in your email.

For starters, we will be sending you ALL our issues via email. Later, if you have particular services you want to follow more closely, let us know and we can focus on sending you those.

Just email us at [email protected] or call us at 877-934-7778.

We trust you will take full advantage of the profit opportunities with this valuable membership … and that you will truly reap the amazing savings it affords you.

Right from the get-go, in your very first year, you will save $492 in renewal fees.

In the second year, your savings will add up to $1,473.

By the end of year three, your savings add up to $2,454 …

By the end of December in Year Five, you will have saved $4,416 …

And by the end of your tenth year, you will have saved a grand total of $9,321!

And I repeat: That’s the savings you reap compared to renewal rates that are already DEEPLY discounted.

As I said, this is a lot of material! So give us a day to set everything up for you and make sure you’re getting everything you want.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, call us us toll-free at 877-934-7778.

Good  luck and God bless!

Martin D. Weiss, PhD

Founder, Weiss Ratings