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Jon Markman, editor of Tech Trend Trader, has both a proven ability to help make investors millions and has received the world’s most prestigious awards for writing about it. For the evidence, just consider his unusual credentials:

* Inventor of the first-ever online stock screening system — Microsoft’s renowned StockScouter.

* Founding Managing Editor of MSN Money.

* Winner of the Loeb Award, the most prestigious honor in business journalism.

* Winner of two Pulitzer Prizes (as part of a team).

* Author of the world’s first bestselling book about online investing, introducing millions to a world that has now become so familiar to us all.

* Former hedge fund manager who has spent the past 25+ years helping everyday investors profit with technology stocks. And most important …

* Editor of Tech Trend Trader, which offers investors both a long-term portfolio of potential 10-bagger technology stocks, and uncannily accurate short-term technology trading signals.

Tech stocks are getting ready to beat the S&P 500 by a country mile.

And with tech sector expert Jon Markman’s Tech Trend model has the potential to multiply without any exotic investments … without using leverage … and without big risk …

In fact, it’s the ultimate in simplicity: You invest exclusively in just ONE tech index … the Nasdaq 100 Index … with “buy” and “sell” signals on ETFs that track the index, which includes the world’s best technology stocks.

With Tech Trend Trader you will also receive:

Easy-to-follow trade alerts — delivered to your e-mail and your mobile device.

Daily updates — containing commentary on the technology sector.

Live online discussions — you’ll meet online for a live Q&A session where you can ask Jon anything you like.

My HotShots stock list — This is Jon’s “watch-list” of stocks he thinks have incredible potential and could hand you nice gains.

A 24/7 members-only Web site — where you can find a complete archive of all of e-mail communications, see how your open positions are doing, and ask Jon questions via your Editor’s Mailbag.

Plus, our staff of professional customer service representatives will be available to you through dedicated VIP Customer Care Hotline to answer any question about any trade. They cannot provide you with individual advice tailored to meet your specific investment needs, but they are ready to help you get the most from this service.

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