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Your entire life as an investor — and as a student of the economy and the investment markets — has led you to this moment.You’ve always known that the obscene debts our leaders were amassing were unsustainable.

You always knew that, sooner or later, the end of this great debt cycle would come one day — and that there would be hell to pay.

Now the same cycles that accurately predicted the Great Depression — and every major economic or investment event since 1929 — are converging to form a powerful new supercycle …

A supercycle that marks the end of the era in which our leaders could amass mountains of debt without suffering the consequences … and the beginning of a dangerous new era in which we all pay the price for that debt.

As we’ve seen, the facts on the ground are 100% in sync with this forecast. They confirm and validate every warning our cycles research is giving us.

The die is cast. The handwriting is on the wall. These facts leave us with two choices — and ONLY two:

We can do nothing; knowing full well that as these events unfold, they will likely destroy everything we have worked for.

Or, we can do what is necessary to protect our wealth — and better yet, harness the awesome power of these events to go for windfall profits with stocks, ETFs, leveraged ETFs, and some options.

Please remember what’s at stake: Over the past year or so — well before the worst of this crisis begins — many of these investments have posted actual, real-world profits of 719%, 1,076% and 1,214% (industrial metals) … 1,260%, 1,275%, and 1,536% (metals used for energy) … plus 1,422%, 2,150%, and 4,100% (electric vehicles).

But now, this convergence of cycles will threaten to wipe out millions of investors who fail to prepare … and send the investments we’ve named in this report into high gear, with the potential to make you a fortune.

I’ve made my choice; the best choice for my family and myself: I’m doing what’s necessary to protect my family’s wealth.

I urge you — you have nothing to lose and everything to gain call us toll-free at 877-934-7778.

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